Baltimore Whores

from by Ghosts of Port Royal



Baltimore Whores

There were four whores from Baltimore
Drinking the blood red wine
And all the conversation was
Yours is smaller than mine
holy roly tickle my hole-y Smell of my slimy slough
Then drag your nuts across my guts I'm one of the whorey crew
Shut up said the first whore
Mine's as big as the air
Birds fly Birds fly out
never touch a hair
Fuck off said the second
Mine's as big as the sea
Ships sail in ships sail out
And it never troubles me
Calm down Mine's as big as the moon
Men jump in Men jump out Never touch the womb
Shut up I’m the mighty one
A whole fleet sailed in on the first of June
and never came back till fall


from 1692, released June 25, 2014



all rights reserved


Ghosts of Port Royal Porto, Portugal

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