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released June 25, 2014



all rights reserved


Ghosts of Port Royal Porto, Portugal

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Track Name: Dead Man Laughing
Dead Man Laughing

If I saw Jesus laid on the cross
I would be the man with the hammer
If I read all the books of Alexandria
I would set them all on fire
Untreatable and sad Like the liquor in my hand
I keep my enemies so close
Until I smother all my friends
Some say I got an eye for the truth
But people are awfully confused
They just see what I am capable of
But I’m not really capable to see
It’s my fault that’s a fact
I plead guilty to the stand
And if you see me shed blood Let me bleed to the death
Oh yes to the death
With all the wishes I crave for They’ll resume into one I need the palm
of her hand Shaped on a cloud reaching out
Sometimes lost at sea I’ve should have been tied to the pole
‘Cause the way that I handle
Well I handle it alone
I’ve set some promises I know Some dreams to be kept
But they always all end up in the bottom with the rest
Oh yes with the rest
Track Name: Midnight Buffet
Midnight Buffet

It’s Damn Cold and It’s splendour
It feels wrong but I guess I’m on the right track
Keep on burning to my face
I melt into the mould but I guess I ain’t feeling what people told
Line It up take it as it is
Now I’m ready for the silver kiss
I saw the devil
He needed a ride
Well devil begone
Until the next time
Track Name: 50 000 Dead Starfish
50 000 Dead Starfish

There´s a King, a King on a hill
And he is holding a tin can
A brew made of roots
Made him crazy naked and wild
He sees 50 000 Dead Starfish Arriving into shore
There are no stories to tell
There ain´t no easy way out
You see what you see
You take what you get
Up on the hills
Blind are those who cannot see
Track Name: Daily Bread
Daily Bread

You serve me wine
But I’m into whisky
You cut the bread
But where’s the meat
You lay the rules
And we follow
You say all the right things
While we clean your feet
And it all sums up and it’s still incomplete
You start a war You said for freedom
But you turn your back When you can’t stand the heat
With the lack of a better cause
You blind the law
With the lack of a better cause
You kill the weak
With the lack of a better cause
You burn the proof
And dirty sheets
Track Name: Je Suis Un Grand Zombie
Je Suis un Grand Zombie

At night it’s dark and damp
At dawn there’s fire in my hand
I can’t believe that I’m here
This body caged me well
They say it’s a ship of fools
Well I don’t know I can’t tell
Who grudged me so bad?
To leave this dagger on my back
Je suis un grand zombie I’m here for all to see
What fee should I cover
To get back to the dead
Between a thief and a lover
I should have raised that bet
If I had a bag of riches
I would sail away
But all I got is this grim love
Deep down in my vein
With all the curses upon me
All the spells cast and done
All I got is this grim love
Deep down in my blood
Track Name: Baltimore Whores
Baltimore Whores

There were four whores from Baltimore
Drinking the blood red wine
And all the conversation was
Yours is smaller than mine
holy roly tickle my hole-y Smell of my slimy slough
Then drag your nuts across my guts I'm one of the whorey crew
Shut up said the first whore
Mine's as big as the air
Birds fly Birds fly out
never touch a hair
Fuck off said the second
Mine's as big as the sea
Ships sail in ships sail out
And it never troubles me
Calm down Mine's as big as the moon
Men jump in Men jump out Never touch the womb
Shut up I’m the mighty one
A whole fleet sailed in on the first of June
and never came back till fall
Track Name: Acid with Venus
Acid with Venus

It was overcrowded
And she felt the same
The skin was glowing
Then she took the lead
It was more than I thought
It was better than me
All the things we wanted
Seems we grab it for free
She took to me places Riding the stars
Nothing to fake Through each others eyes
Acid with Venus
I’m in your mouth and you like It
There’s a room on top
In a house nearby feeling closer
Getting high
Track Name: Shack of Thieves
Shack of Thieves

We lost the vessel
We lost the pride
We need to live together
And see what we can find
Please let us show you all the secrets are inside
But first you better listen
to what we´ve got to say
If you had enough
And you can’t understand
If you grind your teeth
To the man up ahead Please let us show you
What this really means
Then you may enter the shack of thieves
Flag pole skulls and crossbones
A blade between the jaws You scream
out loud You’ll never be one of us
I’ve heard of you now I’ve heard some tales
About this lost band of brothers roaming
through this lands
Well I’m not the man you seek
Not for the job you got at hand
But before I leave I really got to
I really got to confess
Track Name: Walk The Plank
Walk the Plank

I do all I can
I close my eyes once and again
I do all I can
I’ve shed blood and pain
After all We’ve been through together
After all that We’ve treasured
You still keep doin’these things to me
oh baby that ain’t fair
Take a deep breath
Say your prayers
Get ready for the deep plunge
Keep the chin up
Stand tall
You´re gonna
Walk The Plank
for me
If you wanna trick me darling that game ain’t easy for you
I’m gonna keep my cards close to the chest
till you drop all the stakes at me
You think you are the great deceiver
You think you are the mean mistreater
But there’s only one leash A very short leash For you to hang on
Track Name: Two Coins and a Boat
Two coins and a boat

Welcome stranger
Be free to step in I’ll raise the sail now
And wait for the wind
The ride I’ll provide sir
It ain’t of a gentle will
So hang those coins and
Keep yer bones still
I see people coming
I see people go Better warn you mister
We’re not sailing home
The name doesn’t matter
Nor the deeds or where you came
Cause at the end of this journey
you’ll never see me again
Now the winds getting stronger
And the tide’s rising in
So I’ll better sing no furtherWe’re soon to begin